Our overall style of the costumes will be mainly leather clothing attire. The actors will be dressed in modified leather clothing with a futuristic adaptation. The inspiration for this style comes from Frank Miller's movies like Sin City, The Spirit, 300, etc and also from Byron Kennedy's movie Mad Max.
. mad_max.jpg2007_grindhouse_dp_wallpaper_002.jpg

2005_sin_city_wallpaper_006.jpgThe style of the play will be different from the playwright's version but the story will be untouched.

Props will include smoke/fog machines, strobe lights, park props (benches, tables, trees), harness wires (angel), street lamps, uzi's, a wheel chair and ,of course, golf clubs.


The lighting for the play will mainly be dark in the noir fashion. For certain scenes we want special effects to come into play such as the war in heaven.noir.gifnoir3.jpg