Our production of Marisol is going to be very big. We want the feel of a movie in a theatre setting. The goal of this production is to give the audience the adrenaline rush of a theatre production, with the special effects of film, all while making them feel like they are watching the events in person. The style closely related to what we are trying to accomplish would be Avant Garde mixed with Noir. Frank Miller is a great example of how we could achieve this. We believe the comic book style would bring a lot to this story and take it from just a play, to a masterpiece. With a dramatic and gruesome story such as Marisol, taking it even further out of the norm, could be just the boost it needs.
The theme that we are trying to convey is religion vs faith, and appreciating the "normal" in life. It seems as if many people practice religion, but are lacking in actual faith. They do not appreciate the things that they have such as food and shelter, until it is taken away from them without warning. We want our audience to walk away with the message that they need to take care of themselves, their loved ones and their world. To be grateful every single day and to never lose that faith. It is a very dark way to convey the message, but we want to turn some heads in the process.
The style will be Good Vs. Evil, Dark Vs. light, post-apolcalyptic. Almost a deserted scene with the remains of the main character's possessions and lives scattered amongst the scenes. We will also be doing somewhat of a leather and lace them with the good and bad characters. The good will be wearing the white lace. Marisol, who is considered to be one of the "good" characters, will be wearing white, lacy, innocent, yet still sexy clothing, with blonde hair and very light makeup. For the darker characters, such as the Angel, we are thinking dark hair with black leather clothes and dark makeup, with red lipstick. We want to really emphasize the good vs. bad theme in what they wear for clothing and makeup.
We would also like to tone down the play as far as the profanity. We do not feel that it is necessary for the characters to make their point with such harsh language. Our production of this play will be at a PG-13 level, rather than an NC-17. Obviously, much of the context, including the sexual content, cannot be taken out, otherwise the play would be completely different. We just want to tone it down so that it is not completely offensive to audience members. We want a broad audience and taking out some language may help that factor.
Another concept we would like to incorporate is the Capitalistic, Government control that takes over the lives of the characters, and is very well happening in today's society. Marisol shows so much of how the government is controlling with the last apple tree in the Pentagon and the torture chambers owned by Citibank, which surely the government gets a part of. The characters in Marisol, have almost no control over their own lives, and as much as we would like to think we do, out control over our own lives is very limited also.