Lovelis Incorporate would like to produce Marisol, in an avante garde, futuristic comic book style. In our version of Marisol, the year is approx. 2050 in a post apocalypse New York. On stage the setting is very dark with the lighting focused only on the actors during their dialogue, as opposed to the entire stage being light up. Lovelis Inc. would our version of this play to have more sex appeal then the original playwright’s version. Some movies we have gotten our inspiration from include; 300, Spirit, and Sin City. Furthermore, we are emphasizing the good vs. evil theme amongst the cast, leather vs. lace, dark vs. light and so forth. Additional, we are making a few changes to the script. We would like to clean up the language. Our ideal view of this production should have no use of profanity. Our target audience for this version is late teens, and early twenties. We are gearing this towards to college student as the character Marisol is only 26, we want to keep it relevant and relatable to our audience.